Heavy Cover Words

Heavy Coverage Words People experience many happy or unhappy events throughout their lives. This also serves as a lesson for them. Thus, they learn a lesson from these events. These people, who express their inner thoughts with beautiful words, express the scabbed wounds in their hearts in this way. These words they say towards people who make them suffer express the pain they experience in their lives.

These people sometimes experience the feeling of abandonment and the pain they experience to the deepest depths in their lives. Some people cause these feelings to emerge by deepening their feelings on their own. Everyone has happy and unhappy moments in their lives from time to time. Heavy words that are not said in happy moments are said in unhappy times.

In these positive or negative situations, people succumb to their emotions and make serious accusations against the people who make them suffer. This brings out heavy cover words. People develop their own characters thanks to these deep aspects they experience. Thanks to this lesson they take, they also reveal their characters. Heavy cover words have meaning in the lives of many people. You can read the sentences below to use them where necessary.

Heavy Cover Words

Heavy Cover Words with Editor’s Choice

“I remain silent because I am crushed under the weight of the words to be said.”
“No one can understand the pain in my heart, because sometimes even silence is heavy.”
“The tears in my eyes are not enough even to express the pain in my heart.”
“While I am crushed under the burden of distrust, I carry my smile on my face.”
“Carrying the weight of mistakes becomes a burden that eats away at you over time.”
“Those I consider to be my friends are just as good as my enemies.”
“The coldness of betrayal makes my heart freeze.”
“The day I lost my innocence, I also lost the meaning of my life.”
“When I look into your eyes, I feel the weight of your lies.”
“The betrayal of the people I trusted left a big wound in my heart.”
“My heart was shaped by pain and remains scarred.”
“I can see the insincerity hiding under the words.”
“There is pain hiding behind every smile.”
“I can see your true face when your words don’t match your heart.”
“The pain I feel is too deep to be expressed in words.”
These words are expressions of heavy emotions, disappointments and difficulties experienced. The difficulties that life brings can sometimes feel like a heavy lid on one’s inner world. With these words, people can express their feelings and find inner peace by telling and sharing themselves. However, it is important to cope with your feelings and get support without being weighed down by these words.

Heavy Cover Words

Your mental age calls me sister!
Or.spul.k is in the brain, it knows no gender.
If you were air, your breath would be your euro…
If swearing is a sin, the one who makes you swear should also lose his money…
Those who are gone are gone, the day they are gone is over.
Let me make it possible for you to love me.
Instead of criticizing me, go train your brain!
I put the label where you are the brand.
I don’t lose the one who left, but the one who left lost me.
Vein and harsh words

There is only one difference between us; You think, I implement!

Even though I can’t make a crazy man, I can make a man crazy.

The value we gave was too much and some sides took off…

Only the organ mafia cares about inner beauty.

Valuing those who don’t deserve it is like putting a tie on a donkey.

If I can’t kiss you, how different are you from my ass?

Take off your foundation and let’s talk face to face. you shit-faced person…

Don’t imitate me, be yourself, it’s much more original…

I loved Sebastian not for his ass to rise, but for his heart to beat.

The one who saw our wound and came with a salt shaker also took his euro…

Think of me as straight and don’t mistake me for anyone… I don’t know what I’m trying to do…

You are like a street lamp! It is unclear who you blame.

Love was like playing blindfold, we were all blind, we saw our midwife…

You love someone, then they stay that way somewhere in your heart.

Meaningful heavy words

He said he loved you so beautifully that I couldn’t say I loved his lie…

Not everyone can be my friend! My life is mine, no one can interfere…

Don’t try to be the jug, try to be the cup so that the jug bows down to you.

Now everyone should draw a circle and have fun in their own way!

Maybe I could say that even this suits you, if you could think of saying goodbye.

You are like words on foggy glass. So you’re nothing without my breath!

The only reason for my skepticism is people. Or those who are human but act inhumanely.

I am very sorry for my interest and interest, because I took too much of your time…

Being offended is a sign of value. You don’t bother to be offended by someone you don’t value.

The path belongs to the one who travels, I can’t cry for anyone, my heart is not a stable, I can’t tie every ox.

We don’t know smart lace feet. But our name is in every cafe and our picture is in every man.

Princesses love lahmacun too. Don’t think of yourself as crap, you are not as valuable as Isot.

I can’t tolerate injustice, I don’t listen to my heart, I’m my father’s daughter, I can take bullets, but I never take words!

Yesterday you said you were OVER for me, when I woke up in the morning you were mine too


Short Cute Sayings

Since you are happier with my absence, then let absence be the last identity I assume for this love.

My decency will not allow those who are rude… Silence is the best answer to those whose decency is lost…

Everyone thinks they are the leading role, but no one knows, I am the director, I give the role to whomever I want, I give way to whomever I want!

While I was driving today, I saw my ex-girlfriend on the road, I stopped and gave way again.

You men are all the same! I call out to the girls who say; If you were decent, you wouldn’t know all of us.

I go neither to the king nor to the regiment… If there is a situation, the king or the regiment will come to me…

I heard that you gave way to me and said that the road suits him, don’t talk too much, I will build a highway for you, the asphalt will stick to your ass.

I call out to the men who say there are too many girls around me, there are too many flies around that shit…

Lying is a matter of intelligence, honesty is a matter of courage. If your intelligence is not enough, try lying, use your courage and be honest.

It’s better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not.

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