Sayings About Kaaba

Quotes About the Kaaba. Although the Kaaba is an important place for Muslims, it is a place in Mecca that is desired to be visited and seen by all Muslims and has high spiritual value. Everyone who goes to the Kaaba, without exception, says that the spiritual peace within them increases due to the positive influence of these places. Muslims who go to the Kaaba experience that atmosphere in that land and return cleansed of all their sins through the prayers they perform. For this reason, all Muslims who have the opportunity should go to the Kaaba and breathe its air. In this regard, words about the Kaaba can be sent to those who want to go to the Kaaba or to other Muslims to explain the beauties of the Kaaba.

Everyone who goes to the Kaaba, visits those lands and breathes the air of those lands prays for other Muslims to be able to go there as well. The spiritual peace and happiness in those lands is, of course, an indescribable feeling. In addition, people who visit the Kaaba buy gifts such as prayer rugs, Zamzam water, rosaries and prayer mats from that land for their loved ones when they return. He expresses the spiritual peace and thoughts on this subject very beautifully in religious words.

Quotes about the Kaaba
Quotes about the Kaaba.

Here are the Most Beautiful Editor’s Choice Quotes About the Kaaba:

  • “Kaaba is a spiritual center where people’s hearts come together. The scent of peace and worship is always felt there.”
  • “Kaaba is the house of Allah and a sacred place to which the hearts of all believers are directed.”
  • “The Kaaba is a symbol of faith and submission where people come together as a place of spiritual visitation.”
  • “The Kaaba, as the house of Allah, offers people the opportunity to be close to Him and turn to Him.”
  • “The Kaaba is the most sacred and sacred place on earth. Praying and supplicating there is a great blessing and blessing.”
  • “The Kaaba is a place woven with the love and longing deep in the hearts of all Muslims.”
  • “The Kaaba symbolizes the unity of Allah and the spirit of people worshiping together.”
  • “Kaaba is a temple on earth where people meet and prayers in different languages mix.”
  • “Kaaba is the center of Islam and the most sacred and peaceful place in the imagination of believers.”
  • “The Kaaba is a sacred building located in the middle of a spiritual climate that has a special place in the soul of every Muslim.”
  • These words express the sanctity of the Kaaba, its place in people’s hearts and that it is an important place where Muslims unite and worship. As the house of Allah, the Kaaba offers people the opportunity to approach Him, turn to Him and worship Him. Visiting the Kaaba and praying there is a great blessing and blessing. The Kaaba is the center of Islam and a symbol that reflects the spirit of believers worshiping together. The holiness and spiritual atmosphere of the Kaaba has a special place in the souls of all Muslims.

    • The Kaaba is a crown. We need it.
    • The Kaaba is a paradise, it must be protected.
    • How well two words suit each other; Us and the Kaaba.
    • Not those who have money go to the Kaaba, but those who love God..
    • There are 7 wonders of the world, but the Kaaba is only 1.
    • Oh God, let me wake up in the Kaaba with the morning sun.
    • Those who do not know Mecca think that Paris is the city of love.
    • Aha, now instead of sleeping here, we wanted to watch the Kaaba to our fullest.
    • Kaaba is the place where stones are cut into hearts so that hearts do not turn into stones.

    The Surah Tebbet rings in my ears, may the hands of all oppressors dry up.

    May God grant us the opportunity to perform the morning prayer in the Kaaba.

    Just as the Kaaba reminds us of Allah, hijab should also remind us of Allah.

    If I were a child in Mecca. If I go out to buy bread and run to the Kaaba.

    May everyone have the opportunity to say “Happy Friday” next to the Kaaba.

    Breaking hearts is a bigger sin than destroying the Kaaba 70 times. Prophet Muhammad

    The Kaaba is in a palace. A golden palace surrounded by covers painted black.

    And I am waiting patiently and excitedly for the day when you will invite me to the Kaaba, my Lord.

    I heard someone say that I forgot that I had children when I went to the Kaaba, I have no problems anymore.

    The apparent return is around the Kaaba, but in reality the return is to one’s own purified self.

    Those who go on pilgrimage should look for the owner of the Kaaba there. Once they find Him, they can find the Kaaba anywhere. Mevlana

    The person who entered there would be glorious and would not bow to any being other than the Creator of the universe.

    Breaking a heart once is worse than turning the Kaaba upside down. Because the Kaaba was built by Hz. Abraham built it, and God created the heart. Mevlana

    When the Kaaba is demolished and its stones are thrown into the sea, terrible signs occur at that time. Hz. Muhammad

    The Kaaba of the one who is a slave to his stomach is the table, and his bowl is full of sick water. The Kaaba of the lover is the light of reunion. The qiblah of the ascetic is Allah, the owner of beneficence, grace and generosity.

    I look at the Kaaba, birds are flying over the Kaaba in the twilight. All the troubles in the world are over! I wouldn’t care if the world collapsed, it’s like that.

    Kaaba, like a monumental torch, is calling at the most crowded intersection of roads. The command is calling, the prohibition is calling. Fard and sunnah, present and unseen are calling. Islam is calling.

    The Kaaba is in the middle of the world, everyone turns to face it. But when you eliminate it, everyone is actually prostrating to each other’s souls. Shams

    If this is the taste of God’s home on earth, that place that is sweeter than anything else, and this is a trailer, we should think about the taste of heaven, which is the real movie, and the pleasure of God’s will, which is even more so.

    Fix every heart to yourself in the field of hope. Establish a relationship with a wise friend in the square of peace. Know that; Kaaba built with soil and water is not worth a heart. Omar Khayyam

    There are two options: either to put your heart on the Kaaba, or to put the Kaaba in your heart. Do the second one and your heart will become the walking Kaaba. There are many people who go on pilgrimage but the Kaaba escapes them; There are many who cannot go and the Kaaba runs to them.

    A thousand and one harmony filters from the wings of the angel, Are the believers who circumambulate in response to the angel, Seven colors in the climate that illuminates the hearts and the freedom of the imaginary prophet at the door of greetings is registered in this town.