Disgusting Jokes

Disgusting Jokes: Making jokes is expressed as something related to intelligence. The reason why it is thought this way is due to the subtle nuances contained in it. Jokes also make people laugh and have a more energetic day. For this reason, we often want to tell jokes and make those around us laugh. But in some cases, our jealousy passes on to the people we love. At this stage, disgusting jokes emerge. If we want to mess with a friend and make him smile for no reason, we won’t hesitate to make jokes like this.

We constantly want to have humorous times to leave a different impact on the people we love. We do this more often, especially when they are bored or have low energy. We do this to help them get away from their problems for a while and to make them smile at that moment. We want to help them get rid of their negative emotions, at least a little, by using funny words. You can achieve all these by sharing the words listed for you here. You can either send it as a message or share it with your friends around you.

Disgusting Jokes

What are the ten most painful things? Bottle.

  • Is the chair empty? – No, Arçelik.
    It rained, snow and cheese!
    If shit were gold, the poor would be born without an ass.
    How should we cut your hair? -Silent!
  • What is the hottest game? -Dodgeball.
    ‎+ What do you call a wise-cracking elephant? – Philosopher.
    What are the ducks who know everything? Blendax.
    My parents, 4 siblings, and my uncles too.
    Tomorrow = Tomorrow Don’t tomorrow = Don’t.
    The best cold jokes

Tapeworms live in the intestines, even if we do not intestine.

What did the French Revolution oppose? In the morning.

I say let’s walk, Gerard Depardio.

Oh your lover has come, your eyes are Aydin, your ears are Manisa.

What happens if P and q marry? +A marriage of convenience.

-I love him so much +Why? -I don’t know, it’s a nice number.

When I see you, my eyes fill with tears and my ears fill with tears.

Men used to think only about sex, “No more breasts.”

You have had a baby, your eyes are bright and your ears are clear.

When I see you, my eyes fill with tears, my ears fill with Japanese Yen.

It has wings but cannot fly, it has honeycombs but cannot make honey. Orchid.

+Do cars perform prayer? – It doesn’t. + But Renault Clio.

Let me do something for you; You put your hair in it.

Why did Bill Gates have the flu? That’s because Windows was left open.

Where is Ciciolina’s appendix? -It’s on the left when you enter!

There are men like sperm, their chances of being human are one in a million.

+What do you call a stream surrounded by water on all four sides? – Sage.

‎+Son, call the police, there is a thief in the house! – Ok, dad 135155#

The man called his wife “cow” and they went downstairs together!

  • Mom, am I adopted? – If you were adopted, would we choose you!

– Does anyone know who Tomi’s mother is? + There is! Ana Tomi

Actually, there is a very smart person inside me, that’s the problem.

Horse: At Don’t horse: don’t horse: Fatma.

Who will carry Hakan Şükür when he gets injured in the match? Hakan Carrier!

Phones were being tapped. Well, at least they were very tired.

The man found fifty thousand on the ground, searched and couldn’t find a thousand with legs.

Cold jokes and Answers

Why do women wear orchids? In order for menstruation to find its place.

Does this car have parking sensors? – Neither the sensor nor I can tell.

‎+How Old Are You? -How old do i look like? +I Escaped Show.

+Tarkan: Who did it Kurt – Wolf: woof woof woof woof +Tarkan: Traitor Kostok

It’s like they pulled the chair away just as your character was about to sit down.

If I make life a rosary and shake it, the rosary will break. I am such an unlucky person.

+Do you have a girlfriend? -No, but I need it… Come on Monday and start.

A Black Sea man went to the bar. “Mr. bartender,” he said, “Tequila without lemon.”

Some people are like an empty apartment… I feel like laying it down and furnishing it.

-Mom, I’m going to have sahur with my friends. + What’s sahur at this time?

Why did an apple go to the disco? To shed your worms.

They should not build a mosque in Taksim. Let them go and build a mosque in someone else’s taxi.

Do you want to earn 200 million per month? Then go to the moon.


  • They couldn’t make a child wear booties. – From where? + The child was antipathetic.

I cannot listen to music while studying, it distracts me from the lesson.

If you can bite your arm and make a wristwatch, you can bite the wall and make a wall clock.

Why is a sofa bed called a sofa bed? Because we can’t say sit down.

Fight in the metrobus, shout, call, do whatever you want, but don’t fart, man.

-Father: Oh my daughter! Why did you have an abortion! Where were you going to be an engineer?

I have an iPhone 7 in my hand while it is charging and I smell something burning, I hope my hand is burning.


  • Who is our theater artist born as a soldier? – Yilmaz Erdogan.

I crossed the girl because she was visually impaired, but what she was holding was a selfie stick.

A Buddha statue fell on his head. “Is this what was going to happen to me?” he said.

When I get angry, I take out the phone case and hit the case against the wall. We are poor but not stupid.

  • Should we take a break from the relationship? – Let’s not take a break, let’s block and leave early.

The coldest jokes in the world

In the 6th grade, a girl had a crush and I wrote her name on the blackboard. The teacher came and beat the girl, saying “Is that what she said?”

But those who say they will get bored and leave. 2. Those who say, “I’ll fuck your head, but I won’t go.”

I was just in the minibus. A woman from behind asked, “Would you like to take this money?” I took the money and put it in my pocket, there are so many good people in this world.

I became rich and I still don’t help my friends and relatives. We are not among those who change when they find money.

I raised my middle finger to the teacher who said “I always see the same fingers” in mathematics class, I am a victim.

-Dad, the ship sank in Konya +Come on, how many dead are there? -Puhaha, there is no sea in Konya. -Don’t hit, dad, don’t hit.

Consider Goethe’s dialogues with his mother. -Have you come to Gothe, son? +Mom, are you doing this on purpose?

I farted loudly on the bus ride to work this morning. 4 people turned and looked. I felt like “That Voice is in Turkey”.

In primary school, they had a friend with a lisp recite our oath. He told us to have a good time, friends, but my life never got better again.

A man only talks to one girl. + Son, I don’t talk to any girl. – Hahaha you are the bottom of the man?

Sir, I put a musical instrument next to the novels in the library. From where? Because that’s what novels are like, they can’t live without instruments and die.

My father got angry at me and said, “You are grounded, go to your room.” Our house is a single storey, I went up to the roof so that he wouldn’t be upset, I write from the tiles.

The neighbor won a big prize in the lottery. I burst out laughing. After all, they say, laughter is good for the neighbors and for the press. I sit and wait.

It is ridiculous to pay 3 and a half liras for cold Nescafe. I buy it hot for 50 cents and let it wait. I make a profit of 3 lira. The brain is on a world tour…

One day, Apo asked his militants, “What is 4 divided by 2?” They all answered in unison: 20. Apo got angry, stood up and shouted: “What kind of separatist organization are you?” said.

Teacher: Mehmet “2xy.4(3x-4)+11xy” can you solve this question? Mehmet: Of course, teacher, he says, stands up and wipes the board, then says, “The problem is solved, teacher.

When Cemal, who saw Temel with a huge package of orchids in front of the supermarket, asked what to do, Temel said: “You can play tennis with Punin, you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a horse, you can ride a boat.”


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