Beautiful Sayings, Short Meaningful and So Wonderful

Beautiful Words, Short Meaningful and Just as Wonderful Beautiful Words, Short Words do not have to be short or long to be impressive. Even a meaningful and heavy word can be more impressive than pages and pages of sentences.

-Beautiful Words Short

Short Beautiful Words, Meaningful and Equally Wonderful, Beautiful Words Short People use short words or beautiful words in their daily lives to use them as a lesson, to explain their situation, to share them on social media applications, or to tell the other person their situation.

People are looking for many types of beautiful words such as funny, impressive, meaningful, optimistic or pessimistic. These sayings are humorous, with examples, meaningful and many more are available on our website. Beautiful words are used to explain everything that is wanted to be told to a loved one in fewer and more concise words.

-Beautiful Words, Short Meaningful and So Wonderful

Conclusion; I became a poet, you are poetry.
Don’t say anything that will make you feel ashamed when you look at the face.
Sometimes the best choice is to give up.
People who can receive their love in return are very lucky.
He whose mind is clear keeps his eyes on the ground.
It’s better to be alone than to be in the wrong heart.
Don’t hurt! You get hurt where you hurt.
The reckoning of a broken heart is heavy on this world.
He who hugs a good tree will not remain without shade.
Life is as beautiful as you live it, as special as you love it.
Isn’t the sentence “I’m used to it now” very hopeless?
If you believe in the path you follow, do not be afraid of the steps you take.
The good guys always lose. Because the good always fight fair.
People should be good to people, if not, they shouldn’t be good at all.
Sometimes the truth is the last thing we need to hear.
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Those who are with me when I fall, not when I run, are my friends.
Loneliness, like a toothache, constantly strikes at night.
Whatever you look at, it looks at you the same way. Mevlana
Longing cannot be too little or too much, it is heavy! Nazim hikmet
The first language a person should learn; It is a sweet language. Barış Manço
The thing that wears people out the most is; is good will. oscar wilde
You throw everything inside, but you can’t find a place to throw yourself.
No one is as deaf as someone who doesn’t want to hear.
You love so much and let the one who leaves be ashamed. Necip Fazıl Kısakürek
There is no distance if you feel it in your heart. Richard Bach
How sad you made people with beautiful hearts for the sake of people with beautiful faces.
Everyone lives at the same time, but everyone’s darkness is different.
I don’t need a prince to be a princess. I am already the king’s daughter.
You can’t erase some things at once. You can erase it by struggling İlhan Berk
When you have no one to spoil you, life turns you into a big man.
He who runs after unnecessary things misses necessary things. Hz. Ali
Dreams are what make life worth living. You know, the ones you stole while looking into my eyes.
A person learns loneliness the most from those who act as if they are with him.
Unless you can make heaven where you live, everywhere you escape is hell.
Even the darkest night ends and the sun rises again. Victor Hugo
He who has the world’s troubles has as many troubles as the world. Do not worry, pray! Mevlana
Never slam the door you leave too quickly. You might want to go back.
You don’t have to be a bird to fly. Small joys are enough. Cemal Süreya
Does wet burn next to dry? I don’t know, but love burns next to pride.
Don’t tire yourself out. Let those who want to accompany the life to come to you. Charles Bukowski
So what if we couldn’t become great men, we didn’t sell our dreams. Erdal Tosun
Understanding that you are wrong and apologizing is unique to people who can use their brains.
Never lose hope. Allah also tests. It also helps during the exam.
If a person entrusts his loved one to God, he will not die without seeing him again. So trust God.
I have two nights, both sleepless; Either I’m without you, I can’t sleep, or with you, sleep is forbidden. Mevlana
Funny words

People are looking for many short and beautiful sayings to use in their daily lives or to express on social media. There are many people who find these words funny. People like to make others laugh. He wants to make you think while making you laugh.

Those who are looking for beautiful and funny sayings can buy what they like on our site and use it as they wish. An example of the funniest and most beautiful saying can be given as “I saw you, I was in trouble, last night I stayed in the toilet thinking about you.” Many people want to use this humorous and natural saying and can refer to us and our website.

It’s a therapy management, oh never mind, we’ll measure it anyway.

It’s like they pulled the chair away just as your character was about to sit down.

You will have the last laugh. Because you realize it too late.

Nobody comes forward and says why are red lentils orange?

There are girls with foxes in their skulls instead of brains.

When I ask who he is, I open the door to anyone who says “I”, clearly.

There are men like sperm, their chances of being human are one in a million.

My relationship status is that the room loves me, I love the room, but the salon is also very sweet.

Actually, there is a very smart person inside me, that’s the problem.

I can’t listen to music while studying. Because the lesson distracts me.

Let me iron the shirts while the phone is still hot like crazy.

Sometimes I want to escape. Then I remember Müge Anlı. I give up.

The only creature that throws itself into the fire after making its mother cry is the onion.

My son, I looked at your exam paper, your writing cannot be read. Read it in winter then, teacher.

My love, am I too fat? Pull up 2 chairs here and let me explain.

I told my mother I broke the world record, she said you did well, nothing is stopping you either.

Is Muhittin a baby name? I want to kiss the hand of a 2-month-old child.

I thought I should leave this house. Without delay, they told me to throw out the trash on the way out.

Loves but doesn’t come? The tough ox is like that, he looks at the train but cannot get on it.

I’ve been making a wish for 2 nights, thinking that a shooting star was falling, and it turned out that the neighbor from the 5th floor was throwing cigarettes.

Fight in the metrobus, shout, call, do whatever you want, but don’t fart, man.

You come one step towards me, I will give you not one, not two, not three, but four jars of honey for 100 TL.

While I was trying to secretly look at the taxi meter, my left eye fell into the taxi driver’s lap.

The real estate agent showed me a house, if you rush to the door of the apartment, you will get hit, a six-bit magma.

What do you mean, I have two cloves of battery left? Are you putting garlic in the phone instead of the battery?

The girl doesn’t make the first move. He trips, he slaps, he throws a punch, but he doesn’t take the first step, learn this.

My mood; Samsung is looking for a back button on an iPhone. He doesn’t know what to do.

If a thief broke into the house and saw the mess in my room, he would say someone had done it before me and leave.

My mother said you have eyes. I was really surprised that he noticed it after 23 years.

I congratulate the friend who started throwing his garbage into the air after reading the article “Don’t throw garbage on the ground.”

I wonder what the citizen who counts the money when withdrawing from the ATM will do if the money is missing.

In order to become an atheist, you have to read the Kalima Shahadah backwards. If anyone wants to leave the religion, oh well.

I asked God for property, I think I said the property part out loud. It’s raining that I’m a victim.

I don’t make the same mistake twice. I do it at least 5-6 times so that I can be sure. I have a solid structure.

If we can eat sweets and talk sweetly, from now on we will eat manti and talk logically, guys, okay?

All the women who say “I can’t sit cross-legged” when the table is set, spread their legs like Van Damme in yoga.

They shot my movie in the hospital. Doctor, on which channel will it be played? I asked. He chased it with an oxygen tank.

I wonder if swimming makes you lose weight, why are whales still fat? Are we so unhappy because we don’t put humor into the style?

He waits for the burning milk to cool down. There is no need to make a big deal about it, it has nothing to do with yoghurt.

Elin’s son is researching life in space, our people are trying to smoke a cigarette to the end without spilling any ashes.

Men are like Bluetooth. His connections are good when he’s around. When they move away, they start looking for a new device.

I can’t swallow pills, I feel nauseous from the syrup, and I’m afraid of needles. Should I write an amulet for the teenager who says: Respect to the doctor who said.

I decided that I will buy a gift for our elevator on February 14th. We have been dating for 10 years and we have never hurt each other.

No one has the perseverance and determination of the minibus driver who tries to take people somewhere by honking his horn while standing on the sidewalk.

The girl’s surroundings have turned into a janissary corps. If she goes on a campaign, she can easily get to Greece, but few people still say there is so much peace.

My body, which is dying to sleep five minutes more in the morning, why do you resist so much not to sleep at night?

Guys, is there such a thing as free ice cream male attractiveness? That’s my only trick. There’s hope.

I am a person who saw transitive passive voice verbs when I was a child. Of course I can overcome difficulties alone.

Either you are mine or your black earth! The girl I mentioned married a dark-skinned boy named Toprak. I already said so.

The man says to the woman he can’t reach, “I guess he didn’t hear the phone call.” The woman says to the man she can’t reach, he sees my call but doesn’t pick up, scumbag.

If you want something so much, it won’t happen. Even if you want something less, it won’t work. Even if you never want something, it won’t happen. Sometimes it doesn’t happen.

I can be very ‘hurtful’ sometimes! Now I’m going to break two eggs and make a nice omelette. Those who don’t have breakfast are welcome.

Now, if I went and said that I split an atom in the room with my own means, the first question my mother would ask: You always spilled it on the floor, didn’t you?

Now, if they gave me my lost years, I would immediately count them to see if there are any missing. Times are bad bro, if you find it on the ground you will count it.

May God not let anyone stand in the way of aunts trying to get on the bus. Not auntie, but Kara Murat, the defender of the Ottoman raider Fatih.

Even though it was painful, I accepted the fact that the woman who expected a single piece from me would only sit to my right at the okey table.

When you drink milk, your body becomes sleepy, and when you drink coffee, your body becomes sleepy. I drank coffee with milk last night. The body is confused about what to do.

If a girl’s photos are short from the waist up, fat from the shoulders up, and only her eyes are visible, avoid them.

“We are people of different worlds,” he said. My God! I will be devastated with sadness. Did I love someone who thinks there are two worlds?

The woman who says, “But never mind, let’s not gossip” after talking and talking and the conversation comes to an end, is a Turkish woman.

They asked the man who complained that his wife talked too much: When did you marry your wife? The man answered chin

er jaws first.

Would you like to buy your Seljuk State as the Great Seljuk with a difference of only 75 kuruş? It comes with 8 onion rings.

I say, “Brother, I am very lonely” and repentance says that loneliness belongs to God. The dishonorable person will either burn you somewhere or send you to hell.

For example, if I want to open channel 19, I open channel 22 and press the back button 3 times because 1 and 9 are far away. This is my whole life strategy.

If blue-eyed men are life, am I play dough? Am I plastic? My eyes are hazel, am I İsmail Türüt’s shirt? What am I?

If I say apple, love, if I say pear, come. If I say avocado. You look like a commodity. Have you ever seen an avocado in your life? It’s like God’s poor thing.

If 1 worker builds a building in 37300 seconds, 37300 workers can build 1 building in 1 second. Where is the proportion? Mathematics is over for me.

How do you type quickly and accurately with these touchscreens? I start in Turkish and finish in Urdu, damn it.

My take on horror movies is, if you’re going to your great-grandfather’s castle in Transylvania on your honeymoon, you won’t be crying “why me” while the vampire bites your ass.

I woke up this morning and saw a mosquito kissing my lip. I said what’s going on? He said, “Winter is coming, brother, I’m leaving.” We hugged and cried.

I don’t like these elite guest kids at all, they come and say let’s play chess, come on, sit at the computer and beat them. What are you breaking the cycle?

I think the brothers are there to send them to the grocery store and use them to run various errands. Beating him up from time to time and relieving stress is already a whole different thing.

-Hz Mevlana Sayings

Mevlana exhibited exemplary behavior for us throughout his life. Some adopted him as their idol, while others heeded his advice. Mevlana, who set an example for many people with his personality, said many words throughout his life and remained in everyone’s mind.

If people want to share beautiful words in short form somewhere or tell them to the other person, they can first refer to Mevlana’s words. The most well-known of these is the saying “Either appear as you are or be as you appear.” Another well-known saying is, “Don’t worry, everything you lose will come back in a different form one day.” It is a very impressive and thought-provoking statement. The beautiful words of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi are among the most preferred words on our website.

If the moon does not rise, if the sun does not shine on your face, on your window, do not find the fault in the sun or the moon! Open the curtains of your eyes!

It is taken with heart and soul.

Let’s try to read ourselves before books.

If you looking for a defect, all mirrors are yours.

You will learn by reading, but you will understand with love.

The truthful have no need to swear.

Prayer is knocking on the door. To interfere with the rest is to exceed the limits.

Consider the eternal property of the heart as a dream!

The brotherhood of dogs lasts until a bone is thrown between them.

Trouble is the wandering horse that leads people to destruction.

An ignorant person does not see the beauty of the rose and gets stuck on its thorns.

Whoever has beauty should know that it is a loan.

The heart that knows true love looks at even a drop of water with respect.

Be as silent as a book around an ignorant person.

The pain inflicted does not hang in the air but falls on the head of the person who inflicts it.

When it is spoiled, yeast neither recognizes shame nor shame!

If a person has arrogance, he smells like onions when he speaks.

Don’t you know that not answering is also the answer?

You trust God. Hopes bloom when you least expect it.

Patience is poison at first. If you acquire the habit, it will become honey!

No, do whatever you want in the world that is more painful than your hijra, but don’t do it.

Some people are gifts to us, some are lessons.

A person cannot see everything, the things you love make you blind and deaf.

Letters are not enough to understand me, at least understand from the situation.

No matter who he is, let him be our lover and let his life be our only life.

If the heart finds love, even a dry branch will bloom.

Don’t cut your trunk just because you are left without leaves. Because there is a spring in this matter.

Everything you do with your heart will come back to you.

Being silent is not due to lack of meaning. Maybe it’s because of the depth of meaning.

A headscarf does not make a person religious if he does not have a moral cover.

A person whose heart and words are not the same is still considered mute even if he has a hundred tongues.

O friend! No matter what your problem is, let God always be your hope.

There is a wing that takes the falcon to the sultan, there is a wing that takes the raven to the carcass.

Not speaking the same language, share the same feelings who may agree.

I never made a wish, I always prayed. So that your life may be granted to me!

The complainant is ill-tempered. A good-natured person does not complain and tolerates.

Who said the rose lives under the protection of thorns? The dignity of the thorn is under the protection of the rose!

If you are not ready to surrender Can to Canan, do not tell anyone ‘I am Aşk’.

Give the rose to the one who laughs. Give your heart to the one who loves you. Loving is a beautiful thing. Give it to those who appreciate it.

My whole life is not more than three words, these three words, I was raw, I was cooked and I was burned.

Don’t get into an argument with the ignorant. Or it will make you jump up to the ceiling! Or it would be a shame for his manners.

He said he was in the rebellion. No, it was during the exams. If he had noticed, he would have been saved.

There is a test within a test. Get yourself together and don’t sell yourself to a small test.

The moment I am silent like the earth, know that my cry is thundering in the sky like lightning.

Even tears have their duty. Then he cleaned up for the next smile.

Sometimes angels envy our situation. Sometimes in our situationn Even the devil is disgusted.

The mind is a lamb, the soul is a wolf, and faith is a shepherd. If faith is not strong, the soul will eat the mind.

Break the chains of your son, walk freely, speak freely, is there no salvation from gold and silver?

If there is no fire of love and affection in a heart, that person is in the dark, unaware of the light of Allah.

No matter how much you know, what you say is only what others can understand.

Train your heart before you discipline your tongue, because words come from the heart and come out from the tongue.

Among a hundred people, the lover is evident like the moon shining among the stars in the sky.

The door will open, as long as you know how to knock! When? I do not know! As long as you know how to stand at that door!

Let’s appreciate each other. Because we will be separated from each other suddenly.

-Hz. Yunus Emre Quotes

Yunus Emre defended science, praised it, and adopted good thought structures throughout his life. Another person that people encounter most when searching for short and concise beautiful words is Yunus Emre. Many people loved his mentality, some of them idolized him.

One of Yunus Emre’s unknown sayings is “If you cannot enter a garden, do not stand and watch.” It is a nice saying that tells you not to engage in purposeless things and not to waste your time. It both makes you think and touches your heart.

Another Yunus Emre quote is short, concise and beautiful; “Science is knowing yourself.” Again, here we come across a saying that defends science and explains that the more we know ourselves, the more knowledge we will have. The great thinker said many words. We have many of these words.

The time comes when those who upset feel sad.

What are you afraid of death? Don’t be afraid, you are eternal.

Tolerate the created, for the sake of the Creator.

He who has troubles with the world has as many troubles as the world.

They named all kinds of suffering as love.

No matter how high the mountains are, the road passes over the mountain.

The fate of those who are cruel and evil will be miserable.

The tongue speaks, the ear listens, the heart speaks and the universe listens.

Whoever has beauty should know that it is a loan.

In other words, the date was seven hundred and seven, and Yunus was saved on this path.

Few words are the burden of a man, many words are the burden of an animal.

Love makes the lover evil, the lion enraged, the solid stone waxing waxy.

What should those who don’t know know about us? Greetings to those who know us.

We came from the womb to the market, we bought a shroud and returned to the grave.

Whoever did not know the Quran was not born.

The invitation is by action, not by words. In that case, it is visible to the deaf and the blind.

When you call me in me, I am not in me, there is only me inside me.

It is not useless for anyone to see you as a threat, and it is not pleasant for those who view you with deficiency.

I am a handful of soil and a little water. What should I be proud of? This is who I am.

We recited alif, we marketed it, we tolerated the created, because of the Creator.

What comes into this world goes away. Walk mortal world, is there anyone who laughed at you?

Hey Yunus, those who know the truth will not tell lies. The one who comes with duality has not found the right path.

If you despise, respect comes from the word to the person. Who will come to eat vaccine cooked with poison?

O Lord, grant blessings to Muhammad, make our grave a light, the night I reach the grave.

I neither rejoice in existence nor despair in non-existence, I am comforted by your love, I need you.

Take my hand and lift me up. Oh, make me vassal. You made me cry so much, make me laugh. Come and see me what love made me.

Science is knowing knowledge, knowledge is knowing yourself, if you don’t know yourself, this is a lot of reading.

Don’t be deceived, I won’t fall into the trap of poisoning worldly possessions and dreaming of worldly things from now on.

I neither rejoice in existence nor regret in non-existence. I console myself with your love; I need you, you.

We did not come for a cause, our job is for love, the home of a friend is hearts, we came to make hearts.

If you can’t enter a garden, don’t stop and watch. If you can’t build a heart, don’t destroy it and make it miserable.

I am Mansur, I have come to trouble, I am Yusuf, I have come to the market. My lion, I came to the shelter, but my bed is there.

A few mansions and a few houris, which they call paradise. Give them to whoever wants them, I need you, I need you

The pen has a crooked tongue, the ink is black-faced, the paper is hypocritical. Now, who should I get up to write my wishes to?

Let go of your ego, stay away from affection, fill your heart with love, try to be tolerant…

The person who never makes mistakes is the person who does nothing. And the biggest mistake in life is to think that you are flawless.

If you have broken your heart once, it is not the prayer you perform, even seventy-two nations are not your hands, your face, your wool.

Never mind, God is the one. Do not think that what the oppressor makes is profit. The curse of the oppressed brings down the shah. Everything has its time.

If your intention is to set out with love, you will be tested with trouble. Dhu’l Jalali wal Ikram. First the pain, then the treat… Taptuk Emre

What comes from you is nice to me. Either a rosebud or thorns. It is either life or a shroud. Your pomegranate is nice, your light is nice… Your pain is nice, your grace is nice.

The world is a lie brother, the world is a lie! Is there any lie that remains eternal in this world? Property is also a lie, property is also a lie. There’s a little time for you to entertain yourself.

O you who drink from the river of life! Let’s ask the souls, what happened to their beauty? He always said he was yours, now what did he find and leave?

-Quotes About Success

Every person aims to be successful in something he does. He is motivated to succeed, works often and always puts in effort. For people who want to be successful

Many words have been said. Quotations were told and shared to them about how they would get rewarded if they tried hard and that they should never give up.

One of them is the saying “Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.” The more a person experiences something, the more he thinks about it. The more he thinks, the more experience he gets. “Success is a journey, not a destination” is also a short and very nice definition of success. It encourages people to success and touches their inner self.

-Philosophical Quotations

There are very famous philosophers in our country and around the world. The words of these philosophers are constantly sought and used. Maybe some of them determine our expression of life, some of them give advice and make us question our lives. A very beautiful one of these is the words of Martin Luther King, the famous thinker, who guided artists and who many people use very fondly.

One of the best examples is “Every work that glorifies humanity is honorable and important; It should be done perfectly. His saying is, “He is still very loved.” It emphasizes how important a job done perfectly is. One of the most beautiful words of Can Yücel, a Turkish philosopher, is “Even if goodbyes hurt, sometimes it is necessary to leave.” It makes people think and affects them deeply.

-English Quotations

People often search for nice sayings in short English to use on social media. And he learns their meaning and begins to use them. One of the sayings of British thinkers is “Always give your best never worry for results.” It gives advice and directs one’s mindset.

-Quotes for Love

People are looking for beautiful and meaningful quotes to say to their loved ones, their spouses, or the people they are in platonic love with.

Many people who search for beautiful words and short love quotes to say to their loved ones can reach our site and see one of the most beautiful words of William Shakespeare: “Love sees not with the eye, but with the soul.” The expression ” is a very popular and used expression. It indicates human love.

It shows how you define your love. Another beautiful and short saying is “You are the most beautiful thing to be missed.” It is an elegant, romantic and beautiful word to say to your loved one. We also have many sayings for lovers.

-Current Quotations

People can search not only old quotes but also new quotes such as beautiful quotes short 2022. Since they are new and uncommon words, he enjoys using them and prefers them. One of the best new sayings is “Hope is perhaps on the next page.”

“Don’t shut down” is the idea. It is a beautiful saying that tells us that we should not lose hope and that we should always be patient. As an additional quote describing true love, “The one who finds happiness in you is yours.” The saying “The beyond is a guest…” is also a very meaningful and deeply affecting saying. There are many more and very beautiful ones on our website.


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