Words Related to Slander

Words About Slander Slandering is one of the biggest sins in Islam. Oppressed people are people who are slandered. The curses of the innocent people who were slandered to the people who broke their fast with them will surely come true one day sooner or later. For this reason, telling a person as if he did something he did not do and denigrating people who are not guilty means throwing iftar to that person. If this innocent person has an effort and right over the person who slanders, then slandering would be a very big sin. Our Prophet Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) said a hadith about slandering and in this hadith he said that if a person slanders another believer, the slanderer will not be able to get out of hell until he forgives and forgives the rights of the oppressed person. The words spoken about slander are words that express how bad and a big sin slander is.

Among the beautiful wordsthere are many slanderous words. If you have been slandered, you can express once again how bad slander is by sending these words to the people who slandered you.

Words Related to Slander
Words Related to Slander

Here are the Editor’s Choice Words Regarding Defamation:

  • “Slander is one of the most bitter poisons of the language. It damages people’s reputation and shakes trust.”
  • “The one who slanders is the one who breathes the fire of his own tongue into himself. Distorting the truth harms people’s hearts.”
  • “Slander is a black mark that destroys people’s dignity. It disrupts relations between people and shakes social peace.”
  • “Using the tongue as a tool for slander is a crime that stains innocence. It usurps people’s rights and undermines justice.”
  • “Slander is the weapon of malicious people. It makes innocent people guilty and hurts them unjustly.”
  • “A slanderer pollutes his heart when dealing with his own enemy. Instead of slandering, one must pursue justice and truth.”
  • “Slander is a mischief that tries to destroy people’s reputation. It shakes trust and damages relationships.”
  • “Slander is a smokescreen that overshadows the truth. It mixes right with wrong and misleads people.”
  • “Slander means violating people’s rights and harming them. It breaks trust and hurts people.”
  • “The one who slanders moves away from the truth and harms himself. He pollutes his conscience by deviating from the truth.”
  • These words are expressions that emphasize that slander is a malicious act. Slander damages people’s reputation, undermines trust, disrupts relationships and affects social peace. It is stated that slander unjustly hurts innocent people by making them look guilty, undermines justice and overshadows the truth. While it is emphasized that people should use their language correctly and fairly, it is stated that the person who slanders pollutes his own conscience and that the truth should be sought instead of the truth.

    • Don’t splash mud in the fountain from which you will drink water one day.
    • It is stated in the hadiths: “If a person says something that is not about a believer, Allahu ta’ala will put him into Hell until the slandered person forgives him.” (Abu Dawud)
    • Think before throwing mud at someone and don’t forget; Your hands will get dirty first.
    • Suspecting and oppressing Muslims is haram, as is usurping their property, as well as envy, slander, lying and backbiting. (Hadika)
    • The best response to slander is by remaining silent.
    • After a slander occurs, there is nothing to say; Even virtue plays into the hands of slander.
    • A tree is like a coal, if it doesn’t burn, it turns black.
    • Slander is like a bad dog, it crawls after the one who runs away, it silences you when you look at its face recklessly.
    • The bullet of slander pierces every armor.
    • “Every trait can be found in a believer. However, treason and lies cannot be found.” (Ibn Abi Shayba)
    • Slander and backbiting cannot be interpreted.

    When the purpose is to slander, there is nothing to say, even virtue plays into the hands of slander.

    A slander gives rise to other slanders and remains where it is placed forever.

    “Whoever slanders a Muslim ‘for the purpose of defaming’, Allah will make that person wait on the ‘Sirat’ bridge of hell until he is ‘completely cleared’ of the plague of his words.” (EbuDavud, Edeb, 36)

    Is written text ever blackened?

    One can only defeat slander by not paying attention to it. Slander; It pollutes the doer, not the doer.

    A slander gives rise to other slanders and remains where it is placed forever.

    Slander is like a wasp; if you cannot kill it with the first blow, it is better not to touch it at all. Bernard Shaw

    He who is capable of hypocrisy and flattery is also capable of slander. Napoleon

    Slander is a more cruel weapon than the sword, because the wounds caused by slander never heal.. Henry FieIding

    People often get caught up in the mud they want to smear on someone else. Cenap Şehabeddin

    Slander is like a bad dog, it crawls after the one who runs away, and when you look at its face with recklessness, it silences you. G. Csiky

    One can only defeat slander by not paying attention to it. Slander does not pollute the one being slandered, but the one who slanders. The CircIe

    Throwing arrows at people is lighter than throwing stones at them with the tongue. Because sarcasm never misses its target. Sufyan Es-Sevri

    Even if you are like snow, you still cannot escape slander. Shakespeare

    “(Three things) are among the biggest lies and slanders: Claiming lineage to someone other than one’s own father, or showing something to one’s own eyes that one has not seen in a dream (claiming that something one has not seen in a dream was shown to oneself in a dream); Or saying, ‘He said something that the Messenger of Allah could not say.'” (Bukhari, Menâkıb 18)

    When the purpose is to slander, is there anything left to say? Even virtue plays into the hands of slander. Lesage