Islamic Sayings

Islamic Sayings. There are many Islamic sayings that describe the Islamic religion and talk about the beauties of the Islamic religion. Undoubtedly, everyone can find something for themselves in these words. By sending these words to everyone around you, you can help them benefit from these words and make them understand them accordingly and become more correct and exemplary people. Because these words describing Islam give advice to people in beautiful language and explain what the correct and exemplary human profile should be in the religion of Islam. If you want everyone around you, near and far, to benefit from these words, you can share these words in your stories or posts.

When you are sad, when something is not going well in your life, or when you are treated unfairly by someone, you can send these words directly to those people or share them generally as a subliminal message. These words are accurate for those who have troubles, are sad, have been treated unfairly, or have no spiritual peace. You can also console and support these words by sending these words to people who have no spiritual peace, who are sad, who have been treated unfairly and who have problems.

Islami Sayings
Islamic Sayings

Here are the Editor’s Choice Islamic Sayings:

  • “Trust in Allah and turn to Him, He is sufficient for you.”
  • “Believing is where the heart finds peace.”
  • “He who takes refuge in Allah will not lose, he is under His protection.”
  • “Love and compassion are the cornerstones of Islam.”
  • “Patience is the brother of faith.”
  • “Allah’s mercy exceeds our sins.”
  • “Be honest with yourself, be fair with others.”
  • “Good behavior is the most beautiful ornament of a person.”
  • “Being a good Muslim is being helpful to people.”
  • “Allah’s help comes not from the number of people around you, but from the fact that their hearts are full of faith.”
  • These Islamic sayings emphasize the core values of Islam such as faith, patience, love, mercy, honesty, justice, good behavior, being helpful and trusting in Allah. It expresses that faith is a source of peace, taking refuge in Allah is security and that Allah’s mercy is unlimited. It also encourages virtues such as personal responsibility, fair dealings, good morals, and helpfulness.

    Islamic Sayings

    • If Allah closes one door, He opens a thousand doors.
    • Don’t argue with the ignorant, I have never been able to beat it. Imam Ghazali
    • Our problem is not loneliness, but distance from God.
    • The only prepaid line is “Dua”. Talk a lot, earn as you talk.
    • Life hangs by a thread, the only medicine is prayer.
    • Remembering Allah a lot is a sign that increases the hope of heaven.
    • Be content with whatever comes from Allah!
    • The most virtuous believer in terms of faith is the one who is best in morality.
    • The palpitation of every heart is the footsteps of its own death.

    Justice, the well-being and order of the people; It is the adornment and beauty of administrators.

    A foolish person likes to be praised.

    Islam is the religion of love, smiling face, kind words, honesty and kindness.

    He who is well-behaved will attain happiness in this world and the hereafter.

    Good morality means not quarreling with anyone and not quarreling with anyone.

    We loved you before we saw you, O Messenger of Allah.

    Whoever enters a believer feels relief as if he entered a beautiful garden.

    The most valuable form of worship is not to obey one’s own desires.

    The name of a person whose bread is not eaten in his life will not be mentioned after his death.

    Do not lose the people who prayed to God for you.

    Arrogance is like a stone tied to the waist. You can neither swim nor fly with it.

    Anyone who can’t crack a walnut and get to its core thinks it’s all a shell.

    The best man is the one who treats his women and daughters best. Hz. Muhammad

    Every building has a foundation. The basis of Islam is good morality.

    Treat people so well that even your enemies will cry for your death. Hz. Ali

    Oh my God, me; Don’t make me pursue something that you wouldn’t give me.

    I stand upright like Elif against the unbeliever, and bow like Vav towards Allah. Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

    Some left it to time. Some left it to chance. I left it to you, O Lord.

    Every person makes mistakes. The best of those who commit mistakes are those who repent. Hz. Muhammad

    Indeed, prayer is difficult for anyone except those who deeply respect Allah.

    A believer is like the sun. It turns yellow and fades and sinks, but when it is born (in the afterlife) it is dazzling.

    Isn’t it true that where nothing is enough for anything; Allah is sufficient for everything.

    A heart that inclines towards anyone other than Allah Almighty and His friends is sick.

    Hide the good deeds you have done, just as you hide the sins you have committed!

    For the things that those in the grave regret; People in the world are eating each other. Mevlana

    There is no good in the friendship of someone who doesn’t see it as good for you as he sees it for himself.

    I would love to see my brothers who believe in me even though they have not seen me. Hz. Muhammad

    Sufism means cleansing the heart from bad habits and filling it with good habits.

    They called impudence courage, and adultery love, and that’s how they destroyed the morality of a generation. Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

    Good morality means trying to please people, in all circumstances.

    Don’t say every word as a word. Say the necessary words thoughtfully and cautiously.

    Those who do not rebel against injustice must endure every evil that comes from them.

    Even if you reach out your hand and grab the stars in the sky and your head touches the sky, you will still be on the ground in the end.

    He who is caught up in the deception of his soul and the false and temporary taste of the world cannot taste good.

    A believer is a person who earns a living. It gives comfort to your friend. A hypocrite is troublesome and causes trouble to his friends.

    Anyone can give a morsel to anyone, but forgiving a throat is only God’s job.

    Benefit is like a chair; If you carry it on your head it will make you smaller, if you put it under your feet it will raise you up.

    Servitude; It means knowing that you need Allah at all times and being completely subordinate to His Messenger.

    Never forget two things: Allah and death. Forget two things: the good you did and the bad you did. Lokman Hekim

    The mind is a good and sworn friend to you. Knowledge is a very merciful brother to you.

    The reason why a person goes through so much trouble is always for his throat and back. He collects goods but cannot eat; He remains under the plague even after death.

    I ask from God. If he gives, it is his glory, if he doesn’t, it is my test. Şems-i Tabrizi

    The devil cannot only haunt those who obey our Lord’s orders and prohibitions. Even if it happens, God Almighty will protect them and they will not fall into its danger.

    Don’t do any research! Whoever investigates the faults of a Muslim, his faults will be revealed and he will be disgraced no matter where he hides.

    If a person knows his self, he will know Allah. Unless he gets rid of his self, a person cannot feel safe. The biggest struggle should be with the self. This work is a way of embracing Allah’s religion.

    Language values people and people find happiness with it. A person’s tongue devalues him and makes him miserable because of his tongue.

    If you go up and look at the world from there, the world becomes smaller and you see the whole of it. When you get higher, the world becomes invisible. The world and its life will “disappear”.

    The world is the trap of the soul and the devil. Testing in wealth is more difficult than hardship. Because you always say God when you are in trouble, you say it when you think of wealth. This is very dangerous.

    The person who has the most enemies in the world is Allahu ta’ala. All infidels, all atheists. Then it is the Quran. They are attacking the Holy Quran. He is our Prophet. They don’t believe him. And after that, of course, they are His heirs.

    Ask God for His grace and grace. Surely, Allah loves to be asked something. The best form of worship is to patiently wait for salvation in times of distress.