Islamic Messages

Islamic Messages. We as Muslims; On all special religious days such as Kandil, Fridays and holidays, we send messages containing good wishes and prayers to all our loved ones and relatives to show that we remember them. In this way, while we show the people who are important to us that we value them, we also try to repay our debt of loyalty to people by being good and loyal people. We celebrate these special days of the entire Islamic world by sharing beautiful Islamic words on our social media accounts to send good wishes and prayers to everyone we know.

We can send Islamic messages to all our loved ones on special days and religious holidays, and we can send them as religious words in normal times to show that we value our loved ones. These words have deep meanings and broad meanings. For this reason, these words can be sent to everyone, even on special religious days. Thanks to these words, when the people around you behave wrongly, you can indirectly warn them with a sweet language, without hurting or hurting them. These words are one of the most beautiful and sweet ways to warn people.

Islamic Messages
Islamic Messages

Here are the Editor’s Choice Islamic Messages:

  • “May Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you. The way to be a good Muslim is to obey His commands.”
  • “Remember Allah at every moment of your life, seek His consent and act with love.”
  • “Seek refuge in Allah, may His mercy surround you and lead you to live a peaceful life.”
  • “Keep your heart clean, act with forgiveness and tolerance. Do not neglect your love and mercy while living Islam.”
  • “Pray, our Lord hears and answers our prayers. Trust in Him and take refuge in Him.”
  • “Islam is the religion of love, peace and justice. Place these values at the center of your life.”
  • “Try to understand and live the Holy Quran, because it contains guidance and wisdom.”
  • “Let us thank our Lord, be grateful for His blessings, and pray to Him always.”
  • “Seek refuge in Allah’s forgiveness and mercy, He will always forgive and pardon you.”
  • “Islam is a source of peace and happiness. Strengthen your faith, do good deeds and turn to our Lord with complete submission.”
  • These Islamic messages emphasize remembering Allah, acting in accordance with His commands, and acting with the principles of love, mercy and tolerance in the daily life of Muslims. It highlights concepts such as love, peace, justice, forgiveness and tolerance, which are the fundamental values of the Islamic religion. It also expresses the importance of praying and trusting in Allah for Muslims. It emphasizes that the Holy Quran must be understood and lived.

    Islamic Messages

    • Don’t be too self-conceited in the eyes of your servants, but there are so many conceited people under the ground!
    • The nights are long, don’t shorten them by sleeping. The days are bright, don’t darken it with your sins.
    • Some stains are stubborn. It comes out only with repentance.
    • I stand tall like Elif against the unbeliever, I bow down like Vav against Allah.
    • My prayer is clear, the one who hears it is clear. The rest is divine discretion.
    • He who cannot crack a walnut and get to its core thinks it is all a shell. Imam Ghazali
    • Even if you are subjected to a thousand oppressions, do not commit a single oppression. Hz. Ali
    • Either appear as you are, or be as you appear. Mevlana
    • The real rich is a person with a lot of knowledge. Hz. Ali

    Kind words are like a sharp sword, if you don’t have a shield, stay back. Mevlana

    Yummy is a three-cornered thorn, no matter how you put it, it sinks. Mevlana

    Oh my Lord! Make us among those who read the Quran and make others read it too.

    Don’t say to God that I have a problem, say that I have a problem to God.

    My prayer rug taught me to love, to be loved, to turn to my Lord as I kiss my pure forehead.

    There is no fire in hell, everyone brings their own wood.

    How sad it is that people look for consolation in cigarettes. Is it so difficult for him to raise his hand to the sky and beg!

    At such a time, the most necessary and important thing is to save faith.

    There is no one without anyone, everyone has someone, I am left alone, catch up, you lonely people.

    If I put under my feet what I don’t know, my head would reach the sky.

    I understand, my God. When I bow my head to you, you don’t let anyone bow your head.

    If Allah loves a servant, He will test him with hardships to listen to his plea.

    I ask from God. If he gives, it is his glory; if he does not, it is his test. Şems-i Tabrizi

    Indeed, prayer is difficult for anyone except those who deeply respect Allah.

    Forget two things; the good you have done and the evil done to you. Remember two things; God and death.

    They say time heals everything. They should also try reading this word backwards.

    O Allah, who holds the keys to all doors; Open the best door for us. Amen

    A candle does not lose any of its light by lighting another candle. Mevlana

    Everyone will tell you their problems. But you will only tell your troubles to God. Zübeyir Gündüzalp

    Isn’t it true that where nothing is enough for anything; Allah is sufficient for everything.

    Praise and thanks be to Allah, who brought us back to a beautiful day and made us steadfast in his religion!

    A person cries silently so that no one can hear; God hears, God sees, God knows.

    May God calm your heart and bring you peace! His prayer is a pleasant prayer. Say Amen to this prayer!

    I cannot walk on the ground while the Messenger of Allah lies under the ground.

    Before you discipline your tongue, discipline your heart. As the promise comes from the heart, it goes out from the tongue. Mevlana

    If you can’t fix a broken job, be patient! Allahu ta’ala will correct him. Hadith Sharif.

    The person who gets married protects half of the religion. Let him fear Allah Almighty for the other half. Hadith-i Sharif

    The past is more like the future than water is like water. Ibn Khaldun

    When your foot suddenly stumbles on a stone, instead of complaining that God damn it, you should be able to say thank God I have a foot that stumbles on a stone.

    Get up, shake yourself up, come to your senses. Don’t hold on to despair, despair is from the devil. Hope comes from Allah. Şems-i Tabrizi

    I am a strange being at your door. I have neither a crown nor a throne. Do not deprive me of your door, Almighty God. I only need you.

    The moon and stars adorn the rainbow at night. The beauty of light also adorns people’s faces. Remembrance also cleans the rust in the heart.

    When you encounter a happy couple, do not make wishes such as God bless them. Because Allah does not spoil the beauties unless His servants wish and determine their direction.

    Oh my God, when everyone leaves me, when I am alone, when I leave me, do not leave me, my God.

    If the strength of the soul is 7, the strength of the will is 8. God does not burden anyone with more than they can bear. O Allah, the Most Merciful and Merciful, make our will strong against the 7 strong souls and the devil.

    When a child does something to upset his mother, and if his mother sheds even a drop of tear, the child will be burned as much as he is.

    How helpless we are, how simple we are. For this worthless world, so much effort and more effort. It’s surprising that we don’t make any effort for our afterlife.

    If you look at your behavior and see no one imitating Islam, reconsider your faith. Hz. Muhammad

    For the generations who will fight and die for their homeland, flag and religion; What is needed is not young people waving rosaries on street corners or in coffee shops, but young people reciting rosaries in mosque corners.

    This draws my attention once again: That Great Allah always says ‘we’. That little person is always busy saying ‘I’.

    O Allah, the highest of the high, the most merciful of the merciful. Don’t narrow down our souls, don’t leave us in trouble and make us look for it. Don’t darken our hearts. Don’t lead us astray from your path, don’t let us reach out to anyone other than you.